domingo, 3 de abril de 2011


Buttercream frosting is, as the name suggests, a very buttery cupcake frosting that tastes yummy and can be easily colored to suit the look you are after. Buttercream is great for piping as it holds its shape very well.

Fluffy frosting is made with egg whites and is best made on the day it is to be served. It has a beautiful, soft, marshmallow consistency.

There is also a glace frosting which is very quick to make. This only requires beating butter, sugar and water or milk in a small bowl and is ready within seconds.

Fondant, which is ideal for Christening, Engagement and Wedding cupcakes, can also be made. I would recommended using fondant with a fruit cake. Fondant keeps well and can be prepared or bought well in advance.

Chocolate ganache is another cupcake frosting alternative. A ganache has a beautiful rich, smooth texture that transforms a cupcake into a magnificent dessert. It is easy to make and I guarantee you'll receive compliments from everyone who tries it.

Cream cheese frosting is a perfect partner for just about any cupcake recipe. You can play around with the quantities of butter and cream cheese to achieve a unique flavor.

Royal icing has an egg-white base that sets hard on standing. It is ideal for frosting cookies.

Another ideal frosting is Peanut butter frosting. This rich creamy frosting is perfect teamed up with chocolate cupcakes, but can also be used with other cupcake flavors.

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